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Full set - including markers 25 and 26

The Study Edition Bible metal book markers -- provide easy, convenient access to selections from the Scriptures.

Simply place the spring* (with the three attached metal "cover bars") around the edge of the pages near the spine, affixing one cover bar in the front, middle, and back of the book. Then, turn to the page you wish to mark and insert the top notch of the marker around the elastic, and then hook in the bottom part of the marker. The marker will swing easily and quietly so you can flip from one citation to the next without interruption.

Custom-made for studying the Christian Science Bible Lesson and for reading this Lesson from the desk during church services worldwide. This set fits The Holy Bible (Study Edition) SKU P050B34060EN and the Bible (Blue or Red) Vivella edition (the Vivella edition is no longer available from CSPS)

*Spring Belt included.


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