Reading Room Themed Posters (set of 5) (English)

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As we talk with Reading Rooms around the world about the work they’re doing, their challenges and inspiration, and especially their prayers for humanity, certain needs come up over and over. One of these is the need for display materials that speak to the public—that reach out to passersby and visitors with ideas that cause people to stop, think, and consider coming into the Reading Room to find out more. We felt this was an area in which The Mother Church could support the direct work Reading Rooms do every day in their communities. This set of simple, evergreen posters was created.

The themes chosen are just a few of many large, universal issues we might have focused on. They aren’t more important than other issues and ideas you may be addressing, but are intended to offer a starting point for discussion and can be used whenever and however it best fits your Reading Room activity.  Each set contains five high-resolution poster downloads which can be adjusted based on your Reading Room window's size, and a packet of auxiliary materials.

The following are the 5 themes included with this poster pack:

  • Safe in God's care
  • Out of the darkness of addiction, into the light
  • Why is God important?
  • Can prayer heal the big things?
  • Government beyond politics
Additional Information:
  • Promotional Material Language: English
  • File Type: PDF
  • Paper Size/Final trim size: 24" x 36" (can be adjusted larger or smaller to fit)
  • Paper Size/Final trim size (cm): 60.96 cm x 91.44 cm (can be adjusted larger or smaller to fit)


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