TMC RR Window Display Artwork - Bible Lesson Study

This is the artwork from The Mother Church's Reading Room window display on the Bible Lessons. 

Here's the staff's explanation of the display:

"Our goal with this window is simple: to introduce the newcomer to the Bible Lessons.  We felt it was important to communicating the window's message not to overload the viewer with lots of detailed information. With that simple approach in mind, we used only the cover of the full text Bible Lesson--showing one product available for Bible study which someone can either buy or read in the Reading Room.  

We wanted to show the strong connection Christian Science has to the Bible and also introduce Mary Baker Eddy and her thoughts about the importance of the Bible. The testimony (which may change periodically) helps people understand the practicality of the Bible Lessons. Our hope is to pique interest and let people come in to find out more. 

Good news: people have been stopping to read the window and one person came in to find out more about the Bible Lessons. There is much more interest than we ever had with having marked books in the window with no explanation."
Included with this download:

1. Overarching banner with Mary Baker Eddy quote about the Bible. 
Suggested size: 60" wide x 21" high (but PDF can be printed larger or smaller, as needed). This was mounted and cut out as half circle for The Mother Church's Reading Room, but that's optional.

2. "Bible study" strip for base of window. 
Suggested size: 65" high x 6" wide (can be cut down to fit smaller window, as needed).

3. "Bible Lessons" poster with brief explanation (text slightly adapted for field Reading Rooms). 
Suggested size: 30" wide x 15.75" high (PDF can be printed larger or smaller, as needed).

4. Poster with testimony related to Bible Lesson. 
Suggested size: 30" wide x 15.75" high (PDF can be printed larger or smaller, as needed).

Plus a photo of The Mother Church Reading Room's completed window display for reference. 



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