TMC RR Window Display Artwork - Out of the darkness of addiction--into light

This is the artwork from The Mother Church's Reading Room window display theme "Out of the darkness of addiction--into light." 
Included with this download:

1. "Out of the darkness of addiction -- into light" theme poster. Suggested size: 34" wide x 11" high (PDF can be printed larger or smaller, as needed).

2. Cover of August 11, 2014 Christian Science Sentinel. Suggested size: 28" wide x 40" high (PDF can be printed smaller or larger, as needed.)

3. Callout quote that goes with Jeff Rice article.  Suggested size: 17" wide x 11" high.  (NOTE: this is ledger size, so can be printed on regular color office printer. Word balloon can be mounted on stiff backing and cut out like The Mother Church Reading Room did, or used as is.)

4. High-resolution PDF of cover article "Out of the darkness of addiction" by Jeff Rice in 3 parts from Sentinel featured. Suggested size: 11" wide x 17" high for each page of article displayed (NOTE: this is ledger size, so can be printed on regular office printer **).
**At The Mother Church Reading Room, we displayed 2 pages of this article, and added note that rest of article could be read inside.

Plus two photos of The Mother Church Reading Room's completed window display for reference. 


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