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Privacy Policy

This site's standard of privacy protection is based on the Golden Rule. Read the details about how this idea plays out in the world of online privacy.


1. Privacy statement

2. Children's privacy notice for parents

3. What information is collected, and how

4. What information is shared, and why

5. How to cancel or update your registration

6. Your consent to this policy

7. How to contact the site about this statement

1.Privacy statement

Your privacy is important, and Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop is committed to protecting it. Please read the entire privacy policy to become familiar with issues concerning the collection and use of your registered personal information.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop collects personal information about you only through its registration pages. (Registration is required for specialized site features, such as the Notebook or Shop.) The site takes every precaution to protect your registered personal information from unauthorized access or modification, improper use or accidental loss.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption software to safeguard sensitive information (such as your credit card number) that has been submitted online. Access to the site's registered user data is limited within the organization to a few staff members who are required to respect the confidentiality of your personal information. This site's privacy statement is reviewed by all personnel on a regular basis.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop will not sell, trade, rent to or share with third parties any of your personal information without your permission, nor will any of your personal information be used to solicit membership in any church, religious organization or belief system. As an exception, to protect site visitors and the general welfare.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop will release personal information about its users when required to comply with the law.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop sends communications only to its registered users. If you've registered, you will be sent a privacy policy update if the site's personal information collection and sharing practices change. You need not expect any other communications from the site other than those you request (such as the Daily Thought or Weekly Update) or those that are necessary to process your online purchases. Questions or comments submitted to the Web site by both registered and non-registered users may receive a personal response, if requested, and may be publicly posted at the discretion of

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop editorial staff. You may ensure your privacy in these postings and the discussion forums by using discretion in submitting personal information (such as your full name or email address) in the text of your comments. Unless you include your personal information in this manner, your identity in relation to publicly posted questions or comments will remain anonymous. Your online Notebook is considered private and its contents are never distributed to any of the site's affiliates or to third parties. You may help ensure your notebook privacy by refraining from sharing your username and password with anyone. (Your password is encrypted so that it is not accessible to site personnel.)

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop reserves the right to read the contents of notebooks created by registered users, but its general practice is not to do so. Notebook contents may be checked if there is an indication of inappropriate activity, such as an unusually large number of hits or excessive downloading. This site contains links to other Web sites that have their own privacy policies. No responsibility is assumed for the privacy practices of any linked Web sites.

2. Children's privacy notice for parents

In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13 without permission from his or her parents. If it is learned that such information has been collected without parental consent, that information will be deleted from our database as quickly as practical, or the child's parent(s) will be contacted to obtain consent for the collection of the information. Parents are encouraged to monitor their children's online activity.

3.What information is collected, and how

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop collects personal information about you from its registration pages. Registration is required when you use a few specialized site services because it enables Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop to identify you and it protects your privacy. If you prefer not to submit personal information to the site you may opt not to register; however, certain site features will not be available to you. On the site's registration pages, some of the information you'll be asked to provide is required, such as your name, email, and alias (an anonymous discussion board member name). If you register in the site Shop, you'll be asked to provide a credit card number and mailing address as well. This information is used to process your online purchases and to contact you if there is difficulty with your orders. Please be sure to complete these information fields in order to activate your registration. Other requested registration information (such as gender, ZIP code and occupation) is optional and, if provided, is used for site development and demographics analysis. When you register, you supply personal information directly to Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop, which is then stored in a database. This site stores your registered information in its database and does not rely on cookies to collect or save personal data for your future visits.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop does use cookies, however, in four ways:

  • In the site Shop, a stored cookie recognizes your order identification, but does not retain your credit card number or other personal information.
  • During your online session, a temporary session identification number, which is managed by your browser, tracks the pages you visit but does not collect or retain any personal information about you. The session number is stored temporarily in your computer's memory, but not to your hard disk, and it expires when your session on the site ends.
  • When you visit Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop, a cookie tracks your site movement, which is then associated with your user profile of information submitted to the site's registration page.
  • Your computer will be numerically identified by a cookie to the site, but the cookie does not collect personal information about you nor is it able to read your files on your computer.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop does not supplement personal information gathered from its registration pages with information from any third party or source other than the site's page tracking data, which is enabled by the cookies described above. No personal information is collected or retained about you by site partners in the Community and Shop areas of Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop under any circumstances. Site visitor profiles comprise information collected exclusively by Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop does not retain, share or use for any other than its intended purpose the email addresses or personal information of individuals to whom a site article, animated postcard or purchased gift has been sent.

4. What information is shared, and why

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop is the sole collector and owner of the personal information it gathers about its visitors. This site will not sell, trade, rent to or share with third parties any of your personal information without your permission.

Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop uses third party partners to host the Community boards and to process orders in the shop area of the site. The only personal information Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop shares with the Community host is your first and last name, e-mail address and registered alias name. None of this information may be used for any purpose by the Community host other than for the Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop Community. Only your alias name is used on the board postings. The site's shop fulfillment agent receives only that personal information which is necessary in order to process your purchases, such as your name, address, email, and credit card number. Site agents do not collect personal information about Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop visitors, nor do they distribute any statistical information collected from Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop Reading Rooms' Wholesale Shop does not sell, trade or rent aggregate statistical information about its visitors to third parties. However, the site may share non-personal aggregate user statistics with its affiliates in order to improve site content and performance.

5. How to cancel or update your profile

You may cancel (unsubscribe) your registered profile online by filling out the page (you must be logged in to delete your profile). Canceling your profile will stop any future communication from the site, prohibit other select activities (such as receiving the Daily Thought) and delete your notebook with all of its contents. Similarly, you may correct or update your registration information by filling out the Modify Profile section on the page after you Log In.